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How to access and fill up new incoming 8D report?

Suppliers can online fill up customers 8D reports if they get an access and login details from their customer.

Once your customer creates the new 8D report, the email notification is automatically sent to the supplier`s contact person that the customer is specified in a supplier´s card.

If you do not receive the mail, you can either check your spam box or contact your customer, if your email address stated in Partner data is correct.

  • The incoming email notification about new 8D report created contains a link that would direct you to your customer´s TeamGuru 8D report notification
  • After login, you will see your incoming 8D reports.8D reports supplier
  • Click on the 8D title and get inside the document8D report open
  • Each section can be edited by clicking on the edit pencil icon and submitted once you click on “Mark as completed”8 report - edit section
  • You will be able either to write your comments, attach any pictures or any other files if you need so.


Once the 8D section is updated by you, your customer`s contact person receives email notification about the update and will either confirm or reject it.

The status of each 8D report is displayed by little colored docs

Green = section completed on time

Green with tick = section completed on time and approved

Grey = section has not been completed yet, due date is in future

Red = section had due date in past, but has not been completed yet8D report status

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