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How to create summary metrics

You can define how the metric values from selected org. units (e.g. sites) roll up to a higher level org. unit (e.g. region) by using summary metrics.

To create your own summary metric follow the steps below:


  1. Go to the Metric Dashboards module and select the Summary Metrics in the submenusummary metrics
  2. Click the Add icon and choose Create Single Metricplus icon new
  3. Select a Metric and a Type (Org. unit, Action list or Partner) for which the value should be calculated
  4. Select a Formula for the summary metric (Sum or Average, Minimum or Maximum)
  5. Select a particular org. unit(s) or action list(s) or partner(s)  from which the metric should be calculatedsummary metrics 2
  6. Metric can be also Protected Metric and described in Definition field
  7. If you need to roll up a calculated metric (e.g. OTTR, PPM...) you have to create summary metrics for the source values, from which the calculated metric is calculated. Note: for more information on the calculated metrics see calculated-metric-value-counted-from-2-metrics-e-g-ottr-ppm         


Video Guide: How to Create Summary Metrics

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