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New Dashboard Settings

We have recently upgraded our Metric Dashboard Settings. Please review all the changes and benefits.

Video guide (text intstructions included below) 

Summary of  modifications

Our Tabs have updated and we have three new tabs - Basic Settings, Dashboard Setup and Access & Location.D1 

Under the first tab you will find Basic Settings such as Interval, View options, Row Layout etc. D2

Access & Location Tab- you will set up if the dashboard is available for Public or only invited people, Protect settings, External partners and Where to display your dashboard.D3

Dashboard Setup Tab - you will find org. units and metrics in the matrix view. 

 D extra

To set up org. units:

Click Add object - you can now select multiple org. units, action lists or partners at the same time. Just click in your list and select as many as you need to at once. 



Complete the other org. units settings such as Responsible and Display options. 


To get back to your org. unit settings - simply click on your org. unit. D9

To remove it, click Remove button. D10
To set up metrics:
Click Add metric, select from existing metrics and choose the other settings. D xtraD12

You can also create completely new metric directly from your dashboard. D13

To move org. unit or metric, simply use drag and drop function. D16

You can also right-click either on your org. unit or metric, and you can remove your metric, add or copy to a specific place in your dashboard.

To add responsible for org.unit and metric - click into the field and choose responsible. D18D19D20

To select which metrics you want to display in a dashboard, check (activate) or uncheck (deactivate) the combination your of org. unit & metric. D21

You can also take an advantage of our compact view and full view while working with the large dashboards. D23

And please, don't forget to Save your settings. D22


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