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Our customer shared a report, how can I access it?

TeamGuru provides a tool named “Shared reports” that enables business partners (customers and suppliers) communicate about the metrics online without sending mails and files. Customer shares his report to his supplier and both communicate about the report values through the comments. All shared data and comments are well arranged and easily traceable.

Suppliers has their own TeamGuru instance to be able to receive reported data.

 Once the new report is shared or updated, supplier receives email notification.

  1. Once you login into your TeamGuru instance, choose Shared Reports modul
  2. Your incoming shared reports are marked with blue arrow
  3. Click on a report title name to get into detailed viewshared report menu
  4. You can browse the snapshots by clicking on the arrow beside the snapshot dateshared report snapshot
  5. Fill your comment by clicking on “Add comment” button
  6. Click on “edit” icon to setup the report for your internal needsedit icon
  7. You can setup your responsible person and Report Subscribes (people on your side, that can receive information about updates of this report) (who-will-receive-email-notification-about-shared-report)
  8. You can add as many contact people as you need. These people need to be created as users in your TeamGuru instance. Please see the following link  where-can-i-create-new-teamguru-user



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