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Action list statistics

Action list statistics give you an overall overview of tasks completion, how many tasks are open or overdue.

You can use several kind of statistics for your convenience:

  1. Total quantity of open (not archived) and overdue tasks of a particular Action list document. This information can be seen in the list of documentsaction list statistics
  2. Total quantity of tasks (open + archived) of an Action list and the information of how many tasks are complete (100%). This information is given in the Action list statistics, which can be entered from the Action list screen via the Graph iconaction list statistics 2action list totalsYou can also include related actions in your statistics.related actions
  3. On-time completion. This statistics give you an information of how many tasks are due in a particular period (can be selected), how many tasks have been completed and how many were completed on time. All the data are expressed both in totals for the whole team and for each responsible personaction list statistics IV                       

Note: The number of tasks is calculated as a sum of all single tasks. If there are main tasks with subtasks, main tasks are not included.

4. View Overall status and Sub-projects completion status at a glance.subproject status


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