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Download attachments from your dashboard

Besides Comments and Actions, you can also view all your Attachments right next to your dashboard.

To view your attachments, please select your time period and click 'Attachments' button. time period


After you click Attachments button, you can view all the files from your dasbhoard per selected time period next to your dashboard. attach 1

To download your files into zip file, you can either click 'Zip & Download' icon in the right upper corner if you want to upload all attachments. zip

Or you can use Show mass actions button.

show mass

After you click on Show Mass Actions button, select files that you would like to download by either clicking Select all or tick only the specific file(s). Then choose Zip & Download from the submenu.

attach 4

Hit Apply button and after you confirm OK, your files will be uploaded as a zip file in your 'Downloads' folder. 

attach 5 

Dashboard that includes more org. units in one time period view (e.g., March), only the attachments of that active period (March) will be displayed. att 5att 1
Dashboard displayed in matrix time view (weeks, months etc. in columns), its attachments will be shown for the entire displayed period.
(Please note that if you are in your dashboard with more than one org. unit, once you click on specific org. unit, you will be able to see this time period view too.)att 6att 2 
If you want to view attachments for specific time period only, choose your time period, click on Show filter and tick Selected period only - Yes.
 att 9att 8



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