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How can I set up a new user?

To create a new user, go to “Settings” menu and select the “Users” in the submenu. “Settings” menu icon is visible for instance administrators user

New users can be created either manually or using mass upload (in case you would like to create more users at the same time, please follow this link - mass-upload-of-new-users)

How to create a new user manually 

  • click on “Add new” icon

  • fill all basic information in (first and last name, email and cost center)

  • if the user should have the access to TeamGuru instance, fill up his login
  • there are 3 types of user account: 

      a) active user (user has system access)

      b) passive user (user will be shown in the user look-ups, but cannot access it)

      c) inactive user (for users that have left the company)

  • choose "Active" for the new user with a system accessactive user    
  • set up the user rights → select the user role (here you specify what modules the user can either see or edit) and the level at your organization structure to which the user can have the access
  • one user can have multiple user roles (e.g. see the documents at higher level, edit the documents at lower level)
  • to add the new user role, click on plus icon "Add rights"
  • user rights can be copied from other user who has already active account

  • the last section is optional (for creating the user this section is not obligatory)


  • once all obligatory data is filled up, click on “Save and send a login link"save and send login
  • the new user will receive an email message with his login and a link to create his password

create new user - password

  • in case the new user did not re the email with his login details, you have a possibility to resend the link


  • there are 2 more options related to user password. The instance admin can either reset the user password and setup a new one-time password, or disable the current one and send reset link to user. In that case user can setup the new password again.create user - change password
  • you may ask the instance admin to create the new one-time password, in case you forgot your password and cannot change it because your email is not working.

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