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How to add a metric chart into a report

Reports module communicates with other TeamGuru modules. You can display a metric graph taking data automatically from the system in a report.

The data are downloaded directly from the database, so there is no need to enter any data manually and your charts always display actual values.

If you want to attach a graph, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the slide edit screen by clicking on the Edit icon edit slide
  2. Click on the Insert Metrics Chart icon insert metric chart
  3.  Add a Title for your chart and click on Add Data Seriesmetric chart settings
  4.  Select the metric and organization unit that you want to show. Choose the values that you want to see (actual, plan, trend etc.). metric chart settings 2
  5. Choose the view of the values and color. Select Color Coding Based On Plan Values, if you want Red & Green color coding.metric chart settings 3
  6. Click on OK to confirm the settings
  7. Click on Add Data Series, if you want to show other metric data in the same chart. You can add as many items as you need.
  8. If you want to add same metric and org. unit, you can use Copy As functionmetric chart settings 4
  9. Click on Edit Data, if you need to modify the metric data settings metric chart settings 5
  10. Set up X-Axis View and displayed Period. Than click on Donemetric chart settings 6
  11. The metric chart has been attached metric chart settings 7
  12. Click on the Save button to save the slide updates



  1. If you need to change the settings of the existing chart, just click on Settings icon metric chart settings 8
  2. You can combine two different metrics in one chart and use 2 Y-Axis settings. When you add new metric serries, choose Y-Axis Secondary (Right). metric chart settings 9metric chart settings 10

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