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How to close / reopen an 8D report

An 8D report gets usually closed when all the sections are completed. But it is possible to close it without completing all the sections if needed. You only get a message, that not all the sections have been completed and whether you want to close it anyway.

  1. To close an 8D, click on the Close 8D button in the first section of the report.close 8D
  2.  Once you close the report, the closed date will be visible in the description part (usually the first step of the 8D document) 8D closed date
  3. If you need to reopen the document, you can either click the 'Reopen 8D Report' button or you can remove the 'Closed' date in the settings of your document. To be able to reopen the 8D document, you will have to be either a 'Raised by' person or a document administrator.

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