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How to create a new quality alert

The Quality Alerts module helps you to keep all relevant people informed about a quality issue, its scope, impact and resolution status. You can easily launch a linked RPS (RCCA) or 8D Report for in-depth root cause analysis and corrective actions

  1. Click on the New quality alert buttonnew QA
  2. Fill in the title of the quality alert, select location, where the quality issue happened, and add all the details available about the product and quantitiesQA details
  3. Describe the quality issue, add pictures and/or attachments, if needed   QA description
  4. Select the users or user groups that should be involved in this quality alert QA whom to inform
  5. Before you save the file, go to the Where to display folder and specify the organization unit, which the file should be saved to QA - where to display
  6. Click on Save & View



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