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How to create a new Strategy deployment X-matrix

To create a new Strategy Deployment X-Matrix:

  1. Go to the Strategy Deployment module and select the folder from your organization structure, where the document should be savedcreate x-matrix
  2. Click on the Add iconplus icon new
  3. Specify the details of the Matrix by filling in the fields provided (Title, responsible person and the main TTI dashboard). You can either link the existing dashboard, create a new one or select None). If you select Create new, then a new dashboard will be automatically created, once you have saved the goal deployment
  4. You can choose whether the document should be public (accessible for all users with access to the particular organization folder) or for invited users only.GD for invited only

Once the basic information is complete, you need to save the document to be able to continue creating your X-matrix:

  1.  Choose and highlight a 5 Year Objective and related 1styear Objective.create x-matrix 2
  2. Choose and highlight a particular KIP and related 1st year objective(s), TTI and responsible person(s).create x-matrix 3
  3. Click on the Save and view button.
  4. Related objectives are now marked with a black dot. If you click on any of the items (objectives, KIP or TTI), related items will be highlighted in blue.leader, support 2
  5. For detailed view, please see the video guide below.

Video Guide: Strategy Deployment / X- Matrix

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