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How to set up a new standardized meeting

  1. In the meeting list click on the add a new meeting buttonplus icon new
  2. Define the meeting leader and administrators (these will be able to create agenda points and track the attendance)
  3. Select the Public option as a document type, if the document should be accessible by all the users with appropriate rights to the organization folder
  4. Or select the Private option as a document type, if the document should be accessible by selected users only
  5. Define a meeting purposemeeting header
  6. Define a standardized Agenda (repetitive items)
  7. You can also add quick links to the other documents in TeamGuru (e.g. Metric dashboard, Goal X-matrix, A3 action plan) using Related Documents sectionrelated docs meeting
  8. Set up Where to display folder to define, where the meeting should be saved
  9. Save and go to the meeting
  10. Keep a record of attendees-and-meeting-agenda
  11. Use the comment feed for your meeting minutesmeeting minutes
  12. Assign a task directly from the meeting

Video Guide:  Creating New standardized Meeting

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