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How to set up RCCA email reminders in your dashboard

You can set up automatic email notifications to send RCCA reminders to chosen responsible(s) per your settings. Once RCCA is triggered in your dashboard, responsible(s) will be reminded to initiate RCCA.

Please note that first your RCCA alert needs to be set up and plan/forecast value needs to be entered.

To set up your RCCA alert, go to your dashboard's settings (edit pencil in the right upper corner above your dashboard).

 edit dashboard

Go to your 'Dashboard Setup' tab and click on your metric. RCCA

Go to Require RCCA/8D field and tick the box for When the goal is not met. Choose your preference, e.g. everytime, not met 3 times in a row etc. RCCA 1


Once you set it up and your plan/forecast values are entered, RCCA alert will be triggered (red triangle flashing) in your dashboard when the goal is not met.

 RCCA triangle

To set up email notifications, go to your dashboard's settings and under 'Notifications' tab tick the box for Send RCCA Reminder. Per your specified selection, reminders will be sent to responsible people. RCCa 3 

Please note:

If you are using dashboard template, you will have to set notifications directly in your dashboard template. 

System searches for RCCA alerts in the dashboard from your selected period (actual, last, before last); however, if there is no RCCA alert for that period,  system continues to search previous time periods too.

Each time interval is defined as following:
  • daily: current period + 6 previous days (total week)
  • weekly: current period + 2 previous weeks (total 3 weeks)
  • monthly: current period + 1 previous month (total 2 months)
  • quarterly: current period + 1 previous quarter (total 2 quarters)
  • annual: current period + 1 previous (total 2 years)




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