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How to view metric status directly in X-Matrix

You can instantly view metrics status in your X-Matrix by color, actual values and even a quick chart.

Video Guide

You can find metric's status in your X-matrix per image below. To see values, hover over the colorful dot. To view chart, click on a dot. 

x-matrix metric status 

To be able to view metric status in your X-Matrix, it needs to be set up in its settings.

Please click on Edit pencil in the right upper corner. MS 1

Go to Settings Tab. Tick a box for Show Status of Metrics and select your preferred Interval (daily, weekly, months, quarters), Period (before last, last, actual, next) and Value Type (YTD, QTD, MTD, etc.). matice new new 

Now set up your Targets to Improve (metrics).

Please click on edit pencil and set up a metric that you would like to monitor in your X-Matrix.MS 4MS 5


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