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How to view My/All or other users' actions

You can easily view your or other users' actions throughout all the TeamGuru documents (Actions lists, RPS, Checklists, etc.) by using an advanced filter.
Video Guide (text instructions below)
  1. Go to Action Lists module and select My / All Actions from the submenuall actions
  2. Select the person(s) or user groups whose actions you want to view. You can further modify the list of actions by applying filters found below the user name field. Click on the 'Show filters' button.  actions filteradv 1 You will find more options when you click on the Advanced filteradv 2
  3. You are able to sort actions by columns. Simply click on a column title. column
  4. Actions, source documents, and actions' related documents are supported by live links. When you click on the link, it will take you directly to that document. linked
  5. You can export your actions to XLS, PDF file, and also view statistics. export