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Leadership Standardized Work - LSW

Leadership Standardized Work document helps you to manage the regular activities performed by leaders at all levels.

Designing a robust system of regular checks / actions / reviews into the standard work of every leader will significantly improve the performance of your teams. Also, you can reduce the need to traditional process audits.

Video Guide



1. Go to Leadership Standardized Work module and select a folder (location of your LSW document)LSW 1

2. Create a new LSW document - click on green plus icon in the right upper cornerLSW 2

3. Define all the settings, select type and click Save & View button (general=Team LSW, personal=Individual LSW)

LSW 12

4. Add your LSW item, define its settings & click SaveLSW 5LSW 6

5. Edit LSW item (action) settings - click Edit icon right next to each itemLSW 7

6. Manage your actions

  • Click into each field and select a status based on Legend LSW 8
  • Use live links to get directly to other related documents (e.g. metric dashboards, meetings...)LSW 9


7. To link your LSW  documents - under action settings scroll down to 'Where to display' section.  From the sub menu select other LSW documents that you want your action to be also displayed at.LSW 10

8. Add related documents to your LSW documentLSW 11

When you create a General LSW document, you can assign actions to your team members, LSW 14


and they will see it either in their personal LSW (if they have one already created) under 'Items from other LSW documents' with a live link,

LSW 17

OR the action will be displayed on 'My dashboard' page, where they can update it. Only if they click on "show details", they will be redirected to a new LSW document and they will be able to save it. Then their own LSW document will be established. 

LSW my dashboard

LSW - show detailsLSW - my personal




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