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Mass data entry

Learn how you can mass data entry easily using two different ways.

1. Directly in Metric Dashboard 

  • Click on Metric's name and select "Mass Data Entry" Icon​ 

Mass data 1Mass data

  • Choose your Org. units, Dates and Values (please make sure to select only the org. units that you want to enter data for, and also you select correct dates and values such as actual, plans etc.; otherwise you can ovewrite already existing data)Mass Data 2Mass data 3

2. Metric Dashboards submenu (with this option the same value will be entered for all org. units across the organization; this option is rarely used!!)

  • Go to Metric Dashboards module and select Mass entry from its submenuMass data 4
  • Click green plus button to add new Mass Data Entry templateMass data 10
  • Complete all the details and click "New metric" buttonMass Data 11
  • Complete metric's details and hit one of  the "Save" buttons per your prefferenceMass data 12