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Metric dashboard – mass import

TeamGuru gives you an option to mass upload your data comming from your internal system, provided  data  is saved in a standard CSV file.

Two file formats are acceptable:

A. Single metric in one row - Example: uploading various metrics for Org. unit TGCB, November and December 2012metric mass upload file

B. Multiple metrics in one rowmass upload new2
Supported date formats:
Daily values: D.M.YYYY or YYYY-M-D (e.g. 1.3.2013 for March 1st, 2013)
Weekly values: W.YYYY or W/YYYY (e.g. 1.2013 for Week 1 in 2013)
Monthly values: M.YYYY or M/YYYY  (e.g. 1.2013 for January 2013)

  1. Save file in .csv format (In Microsoft Excel go to Save-as and select .csv (semicolon separated values) format instead of .xls
  2. Go to the Metric Dashboards and select Mass import in the submenumetric mass import
  3. Create a Mapping Template,  which assures that the Metrics and Org. units names in the source file are assigned to the correct Metrics and Org. units in TeamGurumetric mapping tempmetrics mapping temp II
  4. Create a File Template for the TeamGuru to decode what values are stored in which columns of the source file.
  • Select a single metric format, in case your file is organized as shown in the example A above.
  • Select a multiple metric format, in case your file is organized as shown in the example B above.
  • Specify what data are in each column of your spreadsheet: 


Example A:

mass upload new Example B: mass upload3

 5. Upload the data from your source file - select the template, open the source .csv file and click on Import nowmetric mass import