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Metrics driven by other metrics - Calculated Metrics

You can set up an automatically calculated metric based on values from other metrics (e.g. On Time Delivery %).

  1. Go to the Metric Dashboards menu and select Metrics in the submenu metrics
  2. Click the Create new icon in case the metric hasn't been created yet. create new
  3. Or click the Edit icon in case the metric already exists in the system. edit
  4. Define all the metric details as in the current metric and tick the Calculated Metric checkbox. calculated
  5. Calculate: Specify values variance (Actual, Plan, Forecast values, or just Actual).
  6. Formula: Enter your formula. Please visit TeamGuru Support Portal to see the list of all available functions and examples of how to build a formula or contact us if you need any assistance.
  7. Offset: Set up your offset time period.
  8. Default view: Tick the box and use a default value (most likely 0) if any of the input metrics don't have values entered and it is not possible to calculate the formula without the value.
  9. Test your calculation if needed and Save.
  10. The ratio value is now automatically calculated in your metric dashboard from the source values.calculated value
  11. Note: the source values do not have to be in the same dashboard as the calculated one. 
  12. To check how your metric is calculated, click on the value cell and go to the Related Metrics field. related metrics


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