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Problem Escalation step by step

The Problem Escalation (PE) module enables a rapid response to a production stoppage through an immediate notification and an escalation system.

Before you start to create a PE document, you need to:

1. Create a list of Problem / Reject Types

2. Create escalation templates

Note: These steps are done only at the beginning of the Problem Escalation usage. System admins usually create the templates and Problem Types.

Once the Problem/Reject Types and Escalation Templates are ready, you can create a new PE document.

3. Create a new Problem Escalation

Ad1) Create a list of Problem / Reject Types (equipment problem, material shortage, quality issue etc.):

  • Go to the Problem Escalation menu and the Problem / Reject Type submenuPE1

  • Click on the Add icon to create a new typeplus icon new

Ad2) Create escalation templates:

  • Go to the Problem Escalation menu and the Escalation Templates submenuPE2
  • Click on the Add icon to create a new templateplus icon new
  • Location - select the particular org. unit from your structure, for which this template should be used (each site or org. unit may have a different process)
  • Enter a Title
  • Select Problem Type, which this template should be used for (a material shortage may have a different process than a quality issue)
  • Set up particular Escalation process levels (who is responsible for solving the PE at what level and after what time the system should escalate the issue, if not solved)​​Andon 3
  • Select the information channels (email, SMS)Andon 4

Ad3) Create a new PE:

  • Click on the Problem Escalation menu and go to the relevant organization unit of your structureAndon 5
  • Click on the Add icon to create a new PEplus icon new
  • Check the Location and select the correct Problem Type
  • TheTitle and the Escalation Process will be predefined according to your escalation templateProblem Type
  • Describe the problem                            Andon 7
  • Save and Close - the time countdown beginsAndon 8
  • Once a new PE has been saved, an email notification (SMS) is sent to the first level contacts of your escalation problem


  • If the PE is not closed during the time specified for the first level contacts, an escalation email is automatically sent to the second level contacts
  • Click on the Close button once the issue has been solvedAndon 10 new


  • Click on the Tick icon next to your name to make it green. Your colleagues can see, that you are working on solving the issue
  • Use the Comments field to keep your colleagues informed about the progressAndon 9


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