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Project Metrics in your Action list

You can track project metrics directly in your action list.

To set up your project metrics, go to your Action List settings (click edit pencil in the right upper corner above your action list).


Go to 'Project Metrics' tab and define your settings. Choose status color and add a link to your metric dashboard if needed.


You can track metrics manually or using TeamGuru metrics (metric values will be automatically displayed here). Both options can be used at the same time. 

Please note that Baseline and Plan are manually entered fields (optional). 
Select rest of the settings - period, metrics, org. unit etc.


Once you set up your project metrics, you will see the metric table (tracked manually) or 'mini dashboard' (tracked using TeamGuru metrics) in your action list. P 6

TeamGuru metrics enable you to collect metric values over time and it is possible to track their history. You can view different time period simply using left or right arrow. pm 3
You can also display trend graphs when you click on blue arrow right next to your value.pmpm 4

Live metrics also show related RCCA or comments.

When you click on red triangle, you will be able to use live link that takes you to your RCCA document. pm 1pm 2 

When you click on blue "i" icon, you will be able to view your commentscomments

TeamGuru metrics can be collected in our 'Metric Dashboards' module and these metrics will be automatically displayed in your project.  
Metric values can be also entered only in your Action list. In this case these values will be stored in the TG database and it is possible to build a metric dashboard at any time in the future.
If the values are collected both in the 'Metric dashboard' and in the action list, then the changes will be automatically reflected in both documents.