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RCCA statistics in Reports Module - Chart widgets

Connect your RCCA documents with our Reports module, where you can create different types of statistics.

Monitor the number of your total, new, open, and a closed documents. Keep a track of your RCCA documents by problem type, location, severity, and more

In your Report, click to Add widget.


Select Chart from the submenu.

 RCCA 2 

Add Data Series.


Select RCCA Statistics (Data Source) and your Metric.


Define Categories, a time period, and other settings. Hit Done and Save.RCCA 5 

You can also set up additional Filters (e.g., Location, Metric, RCCA Template, etc.).rcca filter

View your charts.

 r 2

You can also view RCCA documents' development through a specific time period.

r 3

Please follow this link to learn more about how to set up your Reports. 



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