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Severity Flags

You can highlight your Quality alert, 8D, and RCCA documents with a severity flag. Once you mark your documents, you will be also able to filter your documents by your flag's selection.

Please note: You can either select your flag from the submenu which includes already existing flags, or create and customize your flag (sufficient role is needed).

To mark your document with a flag: Select it from the options in "Severity" submenu. flag 1

To filter your documents by flag: Select your folder, click Show filters and choose the flag. Then you will see all the documents in the system per your folder's location and flag(s) specification. flag 2 

To create a customized flag (sufficient rights required): Click on your module (Root cause & Actions, Quality Alerts or 8D Reports) and choose Severity Flags from the submenu. flag

Then click on green plus button in the right upper corner and create your flag.  flag 3





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