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How to create a new action list

Manage all project and meeting actions in one place. Standardize project management across your company with ease.

Receive automatic notification when a task is assigned or due for completion.

On-time closure statistics drive the right behaviors.

1. Go to the Action lists module and click on the Add icon plus icon newnew action list

  1. Fill in the header (Project Charter)Action list header data
  2. You can decide whether the action list will be public (meaning that all the people with the access to this particular folder in your organization structure will be able to enter it), or you can set up the document as Only for invited and select the individuals who will be able to enter it
  3. Use the Metrics section to capture the project goals. Note: If you want to collect the project metrics regularly and keep the history, then you can create a dashboard in the Metrics dashboards module and set this document as a Related Document to your action list
  4. Choose the org. unit(s) in the Where to display folder - this determines where the document will be saved (can be one or more places)
  5. Save and View
  6. Start adding actions using the Add (plus) iconadd the action


Video Guide: New Action List

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