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How to create a new report

Reports module can completely replace your power points for your standard reporting activities. All your reported data can be found in one place and traceable in history

TeamGuru enables to add some live data directly from the system - eg. metric graphs or 8D statistics from your 8D reports.

To create a new report follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Reports module and click on the Add icon to create a new document create report 
  2. Enter a report name, a responsible person and select the Default update intervalreport interval
  3.  Select the default slide template for your report (how-to-create-a-new-report-template) and save the document report interval
  4. Click on the Add Topic button to add a new slide add topic 
  5. Fill in your report and save (tips: add 8d-reports-statisticsadd-metric-chart, add-a-picture )save report
  6. You can click on Play button and get the full screen view for your presentation report presentation

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