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How to set up Parent project and Subprojects

Did you know that you can link projects together in cascading hierarchy

At one glance you can review your supporting level projects with up-to-date status and completion rate. Furthermore, you are able to access given projects with just one click for immediate information, detailed drill down or actions review & execute.

AL 2

How to set up a project with Parent project(s) and/or Subproject(s)

1. Go to your action list's settings by clicking on Edit pencil

AL 1

2. Click on a Project Hierarchy tab. Add your parent projects and/or subprojects by clicking on blue buttons. You will have a choice to select in the submenu from other existing projects in the system.

 AL 8AL 12

Please note: You have three options how to set it up. 

1. You can connect your main (parent) project with supporting subprojects AL 10AL 11

2.You can connect your subproject with a parent project ALAL 5

3. You can connect your project  with a parent project and also other supporting subprojects AL 3AL 4

Please view how you can also  add subprojects based on project type automatically to your main action list.


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