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New Report Update

When you need to update your report slide, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the report document
  2. Select a period for the update
  3. You have 2 options of how to update your slide for a new period:

a) Copy previous update (in case the slide for the new period would be similar and you need to change some data only)

b) Create new update from a template (in case the new slide update would be completely different from the previous version) Report new update

c) You can also use option 'Copy All Topics from Previous Update' - in case you've made any changes to previous update (added or deleted slides) and would like this change to be applied to your report going forward.

Or use option 'Copy Missing Topics from Previous update' - in case you've created a new update but then went back and made changes in a previous update (add or delete slide). You can just click on this button in your new update, and that change will be applied.

Please note: Actions widgets and project overview widgets are not updated automatically with live data in the report as other widgets are, but you have an option to 'Update slide contents' at once.missingrep 2


4.  Click on the Edit icon to update the slide edit slide

5.  Update your slide (Tips: add-metric-chart, add 8d-reports-statistics, add-a-picture)

6.  Click on the Save button, if you want to save your changes

7.  Click on the Cancel button to ignore the changes

8.  Click on the Delete This Update button to delete slide content for the particular period

9.  Click  on the Delete Topic button to delete the whole slide from the report (including all the data entered) update report II

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