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How to create a new 8D report

  1. To create a new 8D report click on the Add button new plus icon
  2. Fill in the template name (how-to-create-a-new-8d-template-file)
  3. Fill in all details
  4. Select the External type of 8D, if the issue is related to an external partner, or the Internal one, if the issue is related to an intercompany partnernew 8d
  5. If you select the External type and you would like your partner to fill in the fields online, you need to to give him/her the access to the 8D reports firts (how-to-create-a-new-supplier-and-his-login-details)
  6. Select the 8D steps and timing requested 8D timing
  7. Click Save and view
  8. If your 8D request is External, follow this instruction: how-to-inform-an internal-or-external-supplier-of-a-newly-created-8d-report​


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