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How to create a new partner contact and access

Module Partners can help you to manage information about your external partners (customers / suppliers - see How to create a new partner's card ). You can create your contact people accounts and you can give your contact people system access as well. 

The most common access is 8D partner (how-to-create-new-supplier-and-his-login-details), which is used for 8D Reports module. Your supplier will be able to access your 8D Report document and will update it online. More information about 8D Reports here: 8D-reports

You can share any other document with your partner using the External Sharing function (how-to-share-the-document-with-external-partner) and predefined external User Role (user-roles).

Please view our video tutorials How to create a new external partner & Share Documents and other tutorials designated for Suppliers

To create the new contact person account, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Partners and find your supplier cardfind partner
  2. If the partner doesn't exist in the system, you can create the new partner by clicking on Add Partner plus icon newDetails here: how to create a new partner's card
  3. Click on a partner name to see the partner's card details
  4. Click on Create a new contactcreate new contact
  5. Enter basic contact details - name, last name, email partner
  6. If the person should be able to access modules, choose Active, set up the Login and Roles (Role is the specific access that the person gets, e.g.  8D Partner). If you don't set up a role, the partners will be still able to manage their own, assigned actions from the 'My dashboard' location and will not have access to modules.

partner 1

7. Click on Save and close button in the right upper cornersave and send

8. Your  contact person will receive an email with a link to set up his password into the system

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