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Linked Sub-projects

You can link your sub-project(s) to your parent project and vice versa, you can set up main project that includes all sub-projects automatically based on your project type(s), and now you can also attach related projects to any of your action items (linked sub-project).

Action List = Project

  1. Action 1 
  • Sub-task A
  • Sub-task B
  • Sub-task C (linked with different Action List (sub-project)) 
  1. Action 2 
  2. Action 3 


Your main Project dates (Start date, Due date and ETA) will automatically reflect dates from all actions. Start date will be the earliest day of any sub-task or sub-project, due date and ETA would be the latest date. 

To create action with linked sub-project:

1. Go to your Action List and add either Action or Sub-task

Add Action - click green plus button in the right upper corner above your actions

main task 

Add Sub-task - click green plus button at your action levelsub 3

2. Click on Linked Sub-Project and select one from the submenu.sub 

Then you will see Status summary of your sub-project. You will be able to edit your action (title, label, flag, attachment etc.) EXCEPT of Dates and Status. You would have to go directly to your sub-project and make changes there if needed. sub 2

3. Once you Save your action, a live link to your sub-project will be automatically displayed in your main project's header (dates will be automatically adjusted under Project Dates). sub 9

Action that is linked with sub-project will be distinguished from other tasks by displaying this icon.

SUB 12

To view all actions from linked sub-projects - click the icon next to Sub-Projects. It will take you to My/All Actions screen with automatically predefined filter. sub 6sub 15

Here you will be able to view all actions from your sub-projects. You can make any modifications to your sub-projects directly from here.sub 14


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